Get In A Boot Camp Workout – 7 Safety Strategies

The boot camp workout is a popular method to lose weight fast and to get into tip-tip condition. I have observed the evolution of the fitness industry because of being a personal trainer NYC for over a decade; the fitness and health fads as well as the philosophies of fitness and health that have stuck with us for years. And it seems that the boot camp workout is here to stay.

The creation of the term “Boot Camp Workout” started in the military during the orientation phase for all new recruits. For peak condition the new recruits worked out rigorously from boot camp training. The two main reasons why boot camp porgrams are favored are because of its no-frill price tag so it’s quite inexpensive and because of its high intensity and full immersion aspect so you get fit fast. The boot camp workout gives the “biggest bang for your buck.”

With this type of training, what will you see in parks throughout the United States? You’ll observe that there will be lots of agility drills, sprinting, push-ups, jumping jacks, and other calisthenic type of exercises. It’s unfortunate that due to the nature of the boot camp training which is high-intensity and high-impact the boot camp participants are prone to injuries especially if they are out-of-shape.

Many of us assume that if we go to extremes with our workouts then the workout is effective and we are able to get fit faster but that may not be the wisest nor safest solution. The following are 7 ways to safely get involved in a boot camp workout and lowering your probability of injuries.

1. Don’t be dishonest. When you answer all of the question in the fitness and health eval make sure you are completely honest. This evaluation process and form gives the boot camp instructor information to help safely design the boot camp workout.

2. Before you start the workout have a conversation with the boot camp instructor . Communication is necessary. If you’re feeling a lot of pain, speak up. The instructor will modify the boot camp workout for you.

3. Concentrate on focusing moving correctly and correct form. Make sure to be conscious of your movements during the boot camp workout as to not rush through it. Even though you’ve gone though the evalution and have had a conversation with your boot camp instructor about your concerns understand that the safety of your body is completely your responsibility. Sometimes it may be difficult for the instructor to pay close attention to all of the participants in the boot camp group especially if the group is large

4. Decrease the workout level according to your level of fitness. Walk briskly and if you can, jog instead of run or sprint; push-ups on knees rather than on your feet; squats rather than squats with jump.

5. Warm-up for about 5-10 minutes prior to the boot camp exercise workout begins. Your heart rate will increase gradually, warming-up your muscles and lubricating your joints, preparing your body for an intense boot camp workout. Your body is now ready for action.

6. Afterward make sure that you stretch your body well. Stretching your body will keep it pliable and increase your range of motion that will help prevent injuries.

7. Get sufficient rest. To recover and restore the body needs to go through this process. Without sufficient rest and recovery, your body will become prone to injury.

The boot camp workout is one of the hottest fitness trends today. If you are lucky to avoid any injuries in a boot camp program then the high intensity and high frequency attendance will get you in amazing shape fast. By following the 7 strategies that will help you participate in a boot camp workout safely, you will meet your fitness goal fast without injury and lose fat fast.

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