Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts is a workout program to build six pack abs in a shorter duration. This intense program is designed by Mike Chang who is well experienced in the field of training people to build body and flat abs. It is surely for those who are very serious and ready to work hard to get the desired results.

Mike’s program on six pack shortcuts can be achieved in a shorter duration of 12 weeks. The whole workout is divided into 4 stages each will be explained step by step along with the video. It recommends you to do the workout at a minimum of 4 times a week. Each day the program will take up 45 minutes intense workout. Even the program mention 10 abdominal exercises which have to be followed continuously even after you get the six pack abs to maintain it permanently. Further, there will be a dietary plan which provides the supplement needed to build up the abs and also to stay healthy.

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The various stages in the video training program explains

Stage 1: Get your metabolism up

– Metabolism in a body states the fact that how much of one eat is burnt. In case of higher metabolic rate more calories has to be burnt. If the intake of food is less than the energy needed, then the body will start burning the excess of fat stored. He introduced the high intensity interval training techniques (HIIT) in the program to strengthen and build the muscle mass.

Stage 2: Getting rid of the fat in the midsection

– Having passed through the first stage, the second stage awaits will include lot more hard work to do. Intensifying the workout will burn excess fat in the mid section. Also a wonderful dietary plan is introduced in this section by mike called ‘zero will power Eating System’.

Stage 3: Six Packs

– As a lot of fat is being burnt in the earlier stage, the changes in the mid section will be prominent. Mike then introduces a series of workouts videos which will help to achieve the perfect six pack abs.

Stage 4: Maintenance of Six Packs

– The last video illustrates the various instructions and exercises to be followed continuously to maintain the six packs. As it is evident, that a lot of hard work has been put forward to achieve the result, it is important to maintain it.

The various advantages of this Six Pack Shortcuts program include:-

– Simplicity, as all the instructions are given in a step by step videos.

– ‘The Zero will Power eating system’ which covers up all the nutrition diet needed to build the abs.

– Designed by a trained and experienced professional

– 60 days trial offer where money will be refunded if not satisfied.

– Videos easily downloadable in your Pcs.

The drawback of the program could be buying a gear or a membership in a gym which could be expensive. Though it is mentioned as shortcuts, the workouts are tougher but can be done with shorter intervals.

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The six pack shortcuts program is available on the official website. The bonus that comes with the pack includes the full dietary plan and also an advanced fitness coaching program. One who follows each and every instruction in the program will surely get the perfect six pack abs.

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