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Is Natural Breast Enlargement Better Than Breast Enhancement Surgery

As more women become open to the various options of breast size enhancement, many of them are opting for the natural methods which have a lot more benefits than the breast surgery that was initially available for people.

Women who are interested in increasing their breast size are finding it easier to choose different options. While there is still high demand for breast surgery, the demand for natural breast enhancement has drastically increased over the years that many women are considering it first before any other options.

The popularity of natural breast enhancement methods increased as result of the complications that arise from breast surgeries. Many women who went for breast surgeries complained bitterly about total or partial loss of feeling in their breasts and some other side effects after the surgery. However, natural breast enhancement has been shown to have little or no side effects and thus, the reason for the popularity.

Natural breast enhancers work by increasing the presence of the hormone in women – estrogen – therefore allowing them to start increasing their breast size. Ideally, the aggressive secretion of estrogen stops after puberty. But this time, with the use of the pills, the brain is stimulated to start increasing the quantity of estrogen in the body thus, causing a replication of the normal body procedures that occurred during the puberty stage.

Now, because of the increased success rates, women are opting for it. But there is a common trend to most adverts depicting the increase in breast size: they seem to make it an “overnight” process. This is not true. Natural breast enhancement procedures work but the use has to be patient. Results are usually evident within a few months -6 months. This is not a general rule of thumb as many women have been known to experience significant increase earlier while some did a lot later. But results will be usually evident within a 6-12 month period so it just looks like natural growth.

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