Egg protein powder

Egg protein powder

Egg protein is considered to be the perfect one because it contains all necessary amino acids. It should be mentioned that not all manufacturers of sports nutrition produce egg protein powder. Such a situation in the market of sports nutrition occurs of the fact that egg protein powder has egg albumin. Only 8 companies in the whole world produce it in pure form. The most popular manufacturers among them are Optimum Nutrition – Gold Standart 100% EGG, Dymatize Nutrition – Elite Egg Protein and Sci-Fit 100% Egg Protein. The peculiarity of these egg powders is that according to structure and taste they are almost the same. Even the price for these products doesn’t differ a lot. All of them contain egg albumin, which is made out of usual egg whites. Manufacturers, which I mentioned above, produce these products almost fat-free.

However, this sort of protein has its disadvantages. In comparison with other cheap protein powders the main disadvantage of this one is its price. Relatively high prices are the main obstacle for the majority of bodybuilders.

Let’s compare some major characteristics of whey and egg protein powder of the same manufacturer.

Egg protein – Optimum Nutrition – Gold Standart 100%

Calories – 100
Total Fats – 0 g
Cholesterol – 5 mg
Total carbohydrates – 2 g
Protein – 22 g
Calcium – 450 mg
Amount of nutrients in one portion (1 spoon = 28,4 g)
Average price per jar 2 lbs $55-$60
Portions in one pack – 29
Average price per portion – $2 Whey protein – 100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD

Calories – 120
Total fats – 1 g
Cholesterol – 30 mg
Total carbohydrates – 3 g
Protein – 24 g
Calcium – 140 mg
Amount of nutrients in one portion (1 spoon = 30 g)
Average price per jar 2 lbs $45-$47
Portions in one pack – 28
Average price per portion – $1.5

In this overview, I’ve examined one of the most popular products. Regarding this table we can come to the conclusion that egg protein drawbacks whey, but it has no fats and it has 6-time less cholesterol. Besides this type of sports additive will fit better for people who are allergic to milk protein.

Cheap Protein Powder

Cheap Protein Powder

Welcome to the website, dedicated to sports nutrition. Here you can easily decide which products fit your needs, as well as choose cheap protein powder of high quality. You couldn’t but notice that recently food additives have become very popular not only among sportsmen but among ordinary people as well. Still, the majority, consuming protein powders, are sportsmen – bodybuilders. It is important to mention that protein is a harmless organic substance, consisting of amino acids united in one single chain. It is not chemicals, that is why you can easily consume it as food additive – it is absolutely harmless.

What is cheap protein powder?

As you already know there are several types of powder – soy, whey and slow in action protein – casein. Let’s look closer at every type:

1. Soy used to be the cheapest raw material, however good commercial of its healthy qualities has resulted that manufacturers started to overprice it. That is why soy has given way to whey.

2. Today the cheapest protein powder is made of cheap raw material, in our case, it is whey protein.

3. Casein nowadays is believed to be the most expensive protein powder, although previously it used to be the cheapest and the most wide-spread powder for bodybuilders. The commercial has played a bad trick with this powder as well, that is why it is not that popular among bodybuilders.

Cheap Protein Powder Good protein powder is the one that has a big percentage of digestion in the body as well as the speed of digestion. Referring to the items listed above, whey protein concentrate is believed to be the cheapest, but at the same time quickly digested substance. However, this type of protein can’t serve as regular nourishment, because, as opposed to casein, it refers to quick proteins and, thus, is useless while taking on muscle bulk. It is important to note that apart from the quality of material, brand name and popularity, a package can also significantly influence a price. Remember, the simpler and bigger the package is, the cheaper protein powder will be.

When it comes to choosing food additives you should clearly understand what results in you want to achieve. It will influence which protein to choose. If you want to increase muscle bulk or, otherwise, if you need to lose weight you should take different products. You should also take into account that time and repetition factor will also be different. A couple more words will be necessary to say about the speed of different protein digestion. As it was stated above, the fastest is serum protein (20-40 min), soy – complete digestion comes in about 4 hours, casein – more than 6 hours. Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that protein on its own is absolutely harmless, some people have individual protein intolerance, the same as with usual food, but this thing occurs rarely. Well, that’s all. Hope this article will help you make a good decision and choose cheap protein powder, which will be no worse as other analogs.

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