What is the shortcut

Six Pack Shortcut -What is the shortcut?

Interestingly, the amount of calories burned during your workout isn’t nearly as necessary as the calorie amount your burn afterwards. Over the next 2 days (usually, the time when your body repairs itself), your body will be requiring you a significant supply of calories.

Basically, this is what Mike is trying to tell you as the “shortcut” or “secret” to achieving six packs. Relatively called in the bodybuilding and scientific ground as the “afterburn”, having the aid of this scientific calorie burning procedure by your body is undoubtedly a successful way to eliminate fat.

The question is, how can one trigger the so called “afterburn” effect? Its simple, by just doing the special cardio workout together with the specialize weight training; even most of the average individual in gym can definitely enhance the visibility and strength of their abs muscles, that is what Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcut is all about. As a matter of fact, most workouts Mike Chang has demonstrated do not require those specialized equipment, which means you can perform such procedures comfortably at your home.

The video will provide you Mike Chang’s 3 Best tips For a Six Pack Abs.

“Instead of implementing twelve, twenty, or two hundred sweeping lifestyle changes, Six Pack Shortcuts is far more straightforward” -Leonardo, UK

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