How to Get Six Pack Abs

How to Get Six Pack Abs – Result-Killing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Call it whatever you want: washboard, six pack, ripped – there’s an army of guys who know that the key to having the type of physique that gets the attention of the ladies (and the envy of the beer-guzzling soft-bellied dudes) is a killer set of abs.

Admit it, you’d think about going to church with your shirt off if you had that kind of body! And something like that is worth working for – hard. Am I right?sexy girl

Here’s the deal, though. If you’re just working out hard without really knowing what you’re doing, then you could easily be setting yourself up for bitter defeat instead of enjoying the fruits of all that intense labor.

There are certain pitfalls you need to avoid if you want to sidestep the frustration of not seeing the results you’re working so hard for. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it will outline for you the most common mistakes most guys make in their quest that perfect ripple in their middle.

Doing Way Too Many Sit-ups and/or Crunches

This is easily the most common mistake that guys make when they’re trying to develop a nice set of six pack abs. But it’s not your fault if you’ve fallen into this trap.

You see there’s a huge myth out their that you can somehow “spot train” whatever area of your body that you don’t like. Just look at all the late night “infomercials” pedaling the latest and greatest miracle ab gizmo (more) on that later.

(My post about the most common training myths)/six-pack-abs-workouts/

But here’s the reality. If you spend all your time just doing “abs” exercises, you’re definitely going to develop beautiful six pack, but it’ll look more like a KEG because you haven’t burnt the belly fat that’s covering them up.

You see, you can’t burn fat away in a specific area of your body. When you burn fat, it melts off evenly from your entire body, and since you’re only really exercising a relatively small group of muscles, you’re getting a minimal increase in your overall metabolism.

In other words, you’re not doing much to “stoke” your fat-burning furnace. The key to uncovering your abs is finding the total body routines that are sure to give you that head-turning physique.

Doing Hours Of BORING Cardio

Another trap that a lot of guys fall into – because it’s rooted in yet another myth – is doing way more cardio training than they need to.

Now listen, I’m not saying don’t do any cardio. It’s terrific for your heart, lungs, immune system, cholesterol, etc etc etc.newest abs

But when it comes to getting results like a flat belly and burning fat, cardio training is simply not the best solution. Here’s why…

Cardio exercises like treadmill, stationary bike, stair-climber and elliptical machines only burn calories while you’re actually using them (and not even as many as you might guess). So pretty much as soon as you finally get off the infernally mind-numbing thing your fat burning slows back down to where it was before you began your workout.

So if you’re in the mind set that you need to do a lot of cardio, you don’t. The solution is to realize that REAL fat loss is a result of doing workouts that really ramp up your overall metabolism so that you burn more fat even when you’r not training. There are much more effective workout routines out there for burning lots of fat, and they’re easier than you might think. (And way more satisfying than endless, stupefying cardio.)

Dieting – It Sucks (and it doesn’t work)

Diet. I’m pretty sure it’s a four-letter word for a reason. Oh, and by the way, going on a diet is just about the best way to ensure that you’ll fail, at least in the long-run, at getting the type of body you want.

Why is that?

Because the very notion of “going on a diet” infers that you’re only going to be doing it temporarily. But what happens when you come off your diet?

Most people that go on diets think that once they lose the fat they want to, that they can just go back to eating the way they did before and the weight/fat will stay off. That’s completely false, though, because when you go on a diet your body burns its own muscle much more readily than fat.

So here’s what is actually happening while you’re dieting.

six pack-worksYes, you’re losing weight – some fat and some muscle. And you’re probably feeling pretty good about yourself. But being on a diet takes big-time will power, and will power is not unlimited. Sooner or later you’re going to lose momentum.

Maybe you’ve reached your target weight, but you’ve done it at the expense of muscle tone. And the thing about losing muscle is that the less muscle you have, the the more your metabolism slows down.

And then, guess what? When you stop dieting your sluggish metabolism causes you to gain back even more weight than you originally lost!

So what’s the solution?

You need to stop thinking in terms of “diet” meaning you have to eat less. When you hear the word, what you need to think of is a permanent change in your eating habits that you can sustain pretty much forever. But worry not, Grasshopper, it’s actually easier than you might realize if you follow the right plan.

When You Decide You’re Willing To Take Your Training To The Next Level…

It can be a real hassle trying to figure out exactly what kind of workout and eating plan will work best – or at all, for that matter.

There is a ton of information that – if you can find it and organize it into a coherent routine – will do wonders for transforming your body. Unfortunately, there is almost as much useless crap like the things I mentioned above, that will frustrate you to the point of giving up and feeling like a totally useless failure.

OK, so go hire a personal trainer, right? Personal trainers are terrific if you find the right one, but he or she is going to be expensive. (And if you find the wrong one…even more expensive when you figure in the wasted time and effort)

One method I’d recommend you at least take a look at is a system that’s been gaining quite a bit of attention lately. It’s called Six Pack Shortcuts by Mike Chang. (That’s Chang in the video below)

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This is a system that is sold online that claims to provide you with not only workouts for your abs, but a progressive training system as well as a Zero Will Power Eating System. Check out his free intro video at his home page.

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