What Does The Colon Do For My Health?

Although this is not one of the functions of the body you want to think too much about, we all have to rid of bodies of waste that is produced from the food we eat. We effectively eliminate this waste via the colon and the digestive system. Your colon works to remove toxins in the blood, lymph systems, and intestines.

Where Is My Colon At?

The colon begins on the lower right side of your abdominal region. This is where the small intestine clears the digestive contents into the first part of the colon. It then extends up to the liver and continues to bend to the left across the abdomen. Be sure to refer to the helpful diagram to get a better imagery of this particular organ of your body.

colon diagram

What Functions Take Place Inside The Colon?

Two primary functions take place in this region of the body. The first is the absorption of minerals and water. The second is the elimination of toxins as well as waste. As you probably know by now, the body has bacteria throughout it. Most of it is good bacteria that helps us flourish healthy immune and digestive systems.

Inside of the colon, there are about sixty various forms of bacteria or microflora. These aid in the digestive process, maintain the right pH level, prevent harmful bacteria from growing, and promote the vital production of nutrients for the rest of the body to use.

How Long Does The Digestion Process Take?

cancerous colonFrom the time of consumption to the time of excretion it usually is twelve to twenty-four hours. This is in a normal human being that doesn’t have any digestive health issues. Those with digestive disorders could take more or less time depending on the actual dysfunction.

You should have between two and three bowel movements each and every day. They should arise shortly after you consume food. Typical stool should be light brown, large, long, and odorless. If it’s not it is due to poor food choices and digestive problems.

If your stool doesn’t take on the typical form, you should consult a colon hydrotherapist to find out why. The may recommend having a colonoscopy done to figure out if you have any internal growths that are causing your digestive problems.

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