balding patches

What to do When You Notice a Balding Spot (balding patches) ?

Are those rumors about hair loss true? That it just appears out of the blue or you didn’t have the time to pay attention to the symptoms? According to recent research studies, it is seen that most people tend to ignore the signs of hair thinning and loss, until it becomes clear enough that it can even be detected by the naked eye.

However, it should be known that alopecia areata, a renowned skin and hair disorder, does not occur overnight. Similarly, it cannot be treated within a day or two. When we speak of balding patches on the head, we are assured that the condition is none other than the outcome of alopecia areata, as this is the only disorder that causes balding spots in several parts of the head. You can even notice one patch or the patches can be many, and the shape of the spots will be either round or oval.

Tender itchiness, tingling, inflammation, etc., are experienced in the areas where the hair is less. Therefore, the first thing to do when you notice is to book an appointment with a reliable consultant, or you can look for the best hair loss clinic in Dubai. The case might sound normal to you but it is, in fact, not normal at all, as you could even lose your hair permanently. If, however, you are suffering from this condition in your teenage years or in your early 20’s, then there is a 90% chance that the hair will regrow within 12 months or so.

The alopecia areata case is different for the people who experience it at or after they cross 40 years of age. Since the hair follicles tend to lose their strength and regrowth energy when they reach a certain age, you are likely going to end up with balding patches all over your head. But then again, it is obligatory for you to get the problem identified before it grows severe. The hair loss alternative options these days cannot be relied upon as there are countless non-surgical hair loss replacement that are being worked upon.

Therefore, if you want to avoid getting stuck in the situation where you are forced to pay a handsome amount to get your hair replaced or implanted, then get it diagnosed at your earliest. In most cases, it is noticed that the patients of balding patches even suffer the presence of scars on their scalp or at some parts of their head. In addition to that, it is due to these factors that you should steer clear of any false recommendations and get yourself checked. You can never know what the actual problem might be underlying in the shape of a balding spot, until and unless you let a professional deal with it.

Till the days you get your appointment fixed, make sure that you wear your hair in a manner that causes less damage, which is why it is vital for women to avoid tight buns and braids, especially when their hair is falling.

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