A Glance Into Constipation Issues

One of the most usual bowel problems faced by about twenty percent of the United States people is constipation. This is when you pass hard, dry stool. Typical individuals with this digestive system problem have less than three bowel movements in a week’s time. This condition is very uncomfortable, can cause cramps, make you bloated, and also leave you with the feeling that you didn’t eliminate all the waste in your body. This is not a life-threatening condition; however it’s an extreme nuisance to many people that have it.

Why Do I Feel Constipated?

The human body works by ingesting food, taking out all the nutrients and vitamins in it, and releases the remaining toxins. Having bowel movements on a regular schedule is a vital part of this process. You need to ensure you eliminate these toxins from the body. If you don’t, they will recirculate throughout your bloodstream.

The second problem is inside the colon, and this waste builds up into a very hard substance. The colon is responsible for allowing essential vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream. This works by secreting them through the colon walls. When they are packed full of hard toxins, this makes it very hard to push the vitamins and minerals through. Which, this then leads to your body not getting enough of these vital supplies. So you need to be able to have your body pass the dangerous toxins via feces.

constipation in womenPeople tend to run into a big problem when they ignore the urge to pass their bowel movement. Sometimes when you are in a public place, you may want to avoid doing this. If you continue to hold it in over and over again, your body will start not to give you the urge anymore. This means your body will be in the right state to eliminate dangerous toxins via waste; however you don’t know it because your body no longer tells you that it’s time to go.

Some of the other causes of constipation in men and women are hypothyroidism, abuse of laxative products, IBS, and antidepressant medications. These are a series of health conditions that can be altered by your doctor. Be sure to discuss with your local physician about things like switching to another medication.

The most common reason people experience this uncomfortable digestive condition is due to their poor dieting habits. Yes, this is the fiber kick again. Fiber is crucial to help bind these toxins together and flush your system. You need to make sure that you are getting plenty in your diet. Eating fruits and vegetables, with some nuts and seeds, is a great diet. This allows for the most healthiest forms of insoluble and soluble fiber.

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