Replace Salt by other Condiments

Replace Salt by other Condiments

 Salt has been used as a flavoring for many food dishes. But,in large amounts can lead to a host of health problems. Below there are some ways to cook without using so much salt.

The daily dosage for salt is about 2,400 milligrams. The majority of people have at least two or three times that much every day.

Frozen meals, processed foods and anything else that is pre-packaged will contain some measure of sodium. Even the healthy food meals can contain above the daily intake level.

For people with high blood pressure,with kidney problems,heart issues or suffer from obesity eating too much salt can be a major issue.For bringing the salt intake back to normal the best way is to reduce it from your diet.


Here are some spices that can replace salt.

  • Use herbs – Fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, dill and mint can bring powerful new tastes to your palate. Try them with vegetables to enrich taste.
  • Forget about processed food – The major source of salt that we cannot notice is in processed foods. Read the food labels. Know how much salt you are getting with each serving.
  • Use other spices – Salt and pepper are not the only spices.Try cumin or cayenne pepper or chili powder. Also, lemon juice can provide a different taste that may be close to what you taste with salt in food.
  • Use garlic – It smells wonderful and tastes even better. Chop it for stews or soups.
  • Learn the taste of food – When you learn to recognize the natural tastes of food, you will appreciate their nature and you will no longer need salt to enrich the taste.


For not missing the salt in your foods just experience new flavors and new condiments that can be even more tasteful than salt!

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