Food Recipes with Eggs

Food Recipes with Eggs

Eggs have many nutritional benefits. So it will be good for you if include them in your daily diet with these healthy recipes.

Eggs can be eaten every day because they contain protein, healthy fats, low cholesterol, helpful minerals and vitamins.By eating two eggs in the morning for breakfast,it will help you start your day with energy.

Below there are some recipes to help you cook your eggs correct!

  • Omelet  with two eggs – A tablespoon of water in the egg mixture can make it lighter and fluffier so you have a bigger omelet without additional calories. Also, you can add some tomatoes, onions, green peppers, ham or turkey sausage.
  • Boiled eggs – They are very easy and most of the kids love them.You can boil many eggs at once and then keep them in the fridge.In that way you can have a fast breakfast with proteins before you leave.
  • Breakfast scramble – Take your eggs to the next level. Combine eggs or egg whites with Canadian bacon cubes, turkey sausage, cheese cubes and onions. Scramble in a pan until the eggs are done. Top with salsa. It’s a twist on regular scrambled eggs.
  • Scrambled eggs – You can use two eggs with the yolks or without them(depends on what you like) and put 2 tablespoons of milk in the mixture.Then put the mixture in the pan and after 3-4 minutes your meal is ready.Eat your eggs with wheat toast and a piece of fruit.
  • Egg salad – This makes a great vegetarian meal for lunch. Add light or fat-free mayonnaise. It is easy to make in a hurry as well.Chop your eggs and add your condiments.


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