Breast Implants Gone Worst

Breast Implants Gone Worst

Who has never heard of firsthand accounts about breast implant surgeries that have gone really bad? There is actually a very high exposure in hearing stories about this surgical catastrophe. It can be seen and heard almost everywhere,

television talk shows, news programs, magazines, newspapers, and by word of mouth from family and friends. As a matter of fact, we are more surprised when we get to hear of a successful breast implant surgery. That is how common this type of issue is.

One of the reasons behind this particular issue is that these days, all surgeries on augmentation are being performed using saline implants. This is because there has been a massive health concern regarding the silicone class. The downside with using the saline variety is that they do not give off the appearance and feel of natural breasts as much as the silicone does. As a result, the majority of breast implant surgeries nowadays produce a most artificial result.

The rate of success in breast implanting also depends highly on the level of breast tissue that you naturally have, your natural breast contour, and the natural shape of your breast. That is why in several instances, women claim that their bodies are not really responding well to the surgery, and despite the surgery turning out to be a success, they just simply look a little off.

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When you get to see some pictures of those breast implants that have gone wrong, you will find how terrible the outcome is. This is usually the consequence of a poorly executed surgical operation done by an equally inferior plastic surgeon. A lot of women want to scrimp and go have their breasts done by surgeons who charge a low fee and are most likely unqualified, leaving their patients with a really bad job. Yet there are also competent plastic surgeons that make surgical flops once in awhile. There have even been quite a number of celebrity personalities who have their breasts done by capable surgeons and still end up with awful results.

So, what this basically tells us is that even if you are being careful in choosing the best surgeon and the best implant in the market, as well as having the perfect assets in achieving the best possible results for a breast implant procedure, something can still go wrong. There is still a fifty percent chance of suffering certain complications, like rupturing and leaking, which can damage your body. Also, it is vital to remember that implants are never permanent. As you age, your body changes, and you will need to go through more surgeries to adjust the proportion of your physique.

Surprisingly though, despite the traumatic pictures and shocking stories of failed breast implant operations, there is still a fairly large and regularly increasing number of women who get breast enhancement procedures annually, which goes to show that in the present society, a lot of women put physical appearance over health. What is funny though is that most of these women actually look worse after getting breast implants than when they had with their natural breasts. But if you still decide on getting breast implants after having seen the bad side, at least ascertain that you learn of the important information, health risks, and costs. Consult with your doctor for other alternatives that can be much safer for you.

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